Remodeling of existing landscapes, by removing the old or overgrown, and installing a more creative and functional landscape. Providing a more open and welcoming appearance to the home, one that would improve your "curb" appeal and the value of the home.


Using over 35 years of experience, we here at Buffalo Creek Landscapes have developed some maintenance techniques to help manage your landscape shrub's natural shape while controlling size. The key is to start early rather than later. With proper timing and selective pruning skills, one can maintain a well-balanced, natural-looking landscape for many years.


Planting, with proper design and the right selection of trees and hedge shrubs, can develop over time into a very functional, money-saving landscape. Trees can provide shade for summer cooling, at the same time allowing the winter's sun to help heat the home. These trees, combined with other plants, will provide wind barriers as well as privacy for your enjoyment.

Buffalo Creek Landscapes